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Cotton Club

March / April 2008

Not the biggest or the flashiest venue in the world, the Cotton Club in the Serbian town of Prijepolje is nonetheless home to a very respectable sound and light rig installed by Audio Light Concept (ALC) of Belgrade.

Completed in the middle of 2007, the 400 m2 club offers disco and live music, VIP and DJ areas and a special, raised bridge for showgirls to perform on. The biggest challenge for the ALC team was creating a sound system that would suit the wide range of artists that use the venue. “It’s not such a big club, but they host a great many live events and DJs, so we tried to make a system that would fit comfortably with both,” ALC’s Ivan Nikolic tells mondo*dr.

Their solution was to place JBL VRX928LA speakers (a lightweight compact 8” two-way linearray speaker system designed for use in arrays of up to six units) along with MSR 528s subs at either side of the main stage. These were supplemented by JBL Control 28s  dispersed throughout the club - including the VIP and DJ areas - with Control 25AVs placed in corridors and Control 24T in-ceiling speakers in the restrooms. All audio is powered by Crown XPI400 and SLS amps and connected together by a dbx 260 controller.

When it came to creating a lighting rig, ALC lighting designer Sandro Krstic opted for Martin Pro fixtures because of a the positive experience they had had installing Mania SCX500 and Mania EFX500 effects at a café in Prijepolje.

Krstic’s choice of fixtures included four MAC 250 Krypton moving heads, eight Mania SCX600 scanner effects, two Wizard Extreme effect lights, two Atomic 3000 strobes and a Mania PR image projector with two Magnum 1500 foggers for the atmospheric fog and mid-air projection canopy.

The fixtures are located on two circular trusses (3.5m diameter) 4.5m above the floor. The rig is further enhanced with an ART AL-P1800 laser. Lighting control is from a hands-on Martin Xciter which the club reportedly finds is ‘easy to use for non-trained lighting personnel.’

Drawing guests with the last of ACL’s additions - a EuroLite SkyBeam projecting up into the sky - Cotton Club has already proved itself a popular haunt for the people of Prijepolje.





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