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LightConverse Visualisation Scores at Asian Winter Games

Light Converse Ltd.’s LightConverse 3D Show Platform performed to high expectations at the recent 2011 Asian Winter Games, held between 30 January – 6 February in Astana and Almaty, Kazakhstan.

The spectacular three-hour opening ceremony of the games, staged at Astana’s 40,000 seat indoor football stadium, demanded a visualisation system that could match the highly-tuned athletic performances that would come to be from the 1,100 competitors from 27 countries participating.

With over 30 DMX universes, 586 moving light fixtures and multiple moving scenery, static and video elements to contend with during the ceremony, LightConverse  was chosen as the go-to visualiser for all pre-show programming and on-site touch ups.

Powered by a LightConverse Server-1536 hardware (recently released at LDI 2010), the software effortlessly provided a highly realistic real-time environment for the designers and programmers to work in even though the stadium 3D model and all of its objects consisted of well over 9,000,000 faces.

Modelling of the stadium began in October and the majority of programming was done well in time for the actual move-in. Once rehearsals began, final touch-up programming was facilitated by the use of bi-directional capabilities with the Wholehog-3 operation systems (32 universes connected with OEM connectivity driver) that were used for the show ceremony.

With the upcoming release of ESTA award winning version 51, the LightConverse 3D Show Platform continues to provide a powerful photo-realistic solution for integrating and visualising multiple show related disciplines in real-time, including lighting, video (in and out), laser, pyro, water effects and moving objects. Among the most anticipated features in this release will be the accurate pixel-mapping capabilities.

On the hardware side of things, the new LightConverse Server-1536 and Server-Studio offer a formidable way to visualise up to 1536 fixtures (96 Universes) virtually, in addition to providing 3 to 15 live DVI outputs for real-world projection once 3D mapping is completed to perfection within the software.





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