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Barco Projectors Illuminate First-Ever Ghent Light Festival

Barco is pleased to announce that its CLM and FLM projectors supported renowned visual artists during the Ghent Light Festival. From 27 - 29 January, 20 international artists and light designers took visitors on a fascinating tour as they brought the historic city centre to life with light and projection.

No less than 21 projectors were installed by long-standing Barco partners XL Video and Spectaculaires.

For the first-ever Ghent Light Festival, a large number of national and international light artists and AV companies joined forces to create a brilliant spectacle. XL Video and Spectaculaires opted for Barco’s event projectors to support four different artists and artist collectives, who want to spotlight some of the city’s magic. In total, eight CLM and 13 FLM projectors supported creations from renowned artists like Pablo Valbuena.

“In recent years, Ghent has invested heavily in scenic lighting for the entire city centre,” comments Serge Platel from the Ghent Light Festival. “And with this first-ever Light Festival we wanted to celebrate this award-winning lighting plan and give visitors the opportunity to catch a glimpse of Ghent’s unique charm. During the three-day event, the artists presented the most surprising light experiences at several locations throughout the city.”

French company Spectaculaires chose Barco’s FLM projectors for its successful show On Dirait Qu. The show turned the façade of the Post Plaza building at the Korenmarkt into a new universe, where light, projections and sound tell the tale of a young boy who becomes a giant in his dream. Windows and doors morph into toy figurines, and the entire building becomes a fairy tale.

XL Video supplied Barco CLM and FLM events projectors for the installations 51°2’50” E3°43’42, Bbass and Mr Beam. “We are honored to be part of the first Ghent Light Festival,” commenced Steven Dierickx, Manager from XL Video. “We chose to use Barco projectors because we know their reliability and image quality from years of experience. They are exactly what we need for such a high-profile event.”

N 51°2’50” E3°43’42” is a breath-taking outdoor light projection by Spanish architect and artist Pablo Valbuena. Originally created for the Almost Cinema exhibition during the Ghent Film Festival in October 2010, the projection is part of his famous ‘Urban Installation’ series. Bbass – a minimalist and enchanting installation inside Ghent University’s Aula – combines projected light with graphic animation, architecture and sound. The guiding principle of the Mr Beam project is the relationship between music, image and location – realised through a custom-made façade projection on an ancient building near the Music Conservatory.





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