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Dynacord Provides for Safety in the New Józef Pilsudski Stadium Cracow

Whilst memories of the FIFA World Cup in South Africa may still be fresh, the football world is already looking forward to the sport's next major event: the European Championships to be held in Poland and Ukraine in 2012.

Alongside an extensive programme of investment in the building and renovation of venues for the European Championships, a number of other stadiums are undergoing major overhauls. The latest example is the Józef Pilsudski Stadium in Cracow, the home of KS Cracovia.

Originally built in 1906, the stadium has been comprehensively renovated and partially reconstructed. Work on the project, for which the celebrated Spanish firm of architects Estudio Lamela was engaged, began in 2009 and was completed at the end of 2010. Estudio Lamela's vision of a contemporary stadium is equally appealing from an aesthetic standpoint as from that of pragmatic functionality.

As with all major sports arenas constructed in the recent past, when it came to the sound reinforcement system to be installed, the operators of the Józef Pilsudski Stadium would hear of no compromises. After all, such arenas ceased to be the exclusive preserve of sports fans long ago: these days football stadiums double as venues for concerts, shows and major gatherings of all kinds. But whatever the event, safety considerations are of paramount importance in arenas of this size, with a central role being played by evacuation, paging and voice alarm systems.

Mindful of these responsibilities towards the general public, the decision-makers at the stadium opted for the installation of an extensive Dynacord audio system in which all the components are networked: "The signal transfer is handled by Cobra Net and the remote supervision by IRIS-Net," explains Marcin Zimny, Manager of the Breslau branch of Tommex Zebrowscy Sp. J. "With this setup, we can supervise and control the entire system – from the input to the loudspeakers. This comprehensive system control gives us a great sense of security."

Aside from achieving the highest possible sound quality, Zimny says that the central challenge involved in the stadium installation,was to ensure the redundancy, operating security, and control of the multiple components. In this regard the customer's stipulations were fully met: "We were warmly congratulated," reports Zimny. "Everything is working exactly as envisioned and the customer is absolutely delighted with the quality of the sound in the stadium."





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