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Top-ranking Nightclub Berghain Pulsates to Meyer Sound System

Berlin’s Berghain dance club has wrapped up its first year of operation with a Meyer Sound system in its exclusive Panorama Bar.

In placing Berghain first in its 2009 listing of the world’s Top 100 Clubs, DJ Mag noted that “the centre of the techno universe,” now can be found “deep inside the vast vortex of 70 am Wriezener Bahnhof, Berlin, and its upstairs Panorama Bar, to be specific.”

It is here that an elite corps of international DJs concoct their mixes, using the Meyer Sound JM-1P arrayable loudspeaker system to engulf the room with compelling and entrancing music.

Installed by Schalldruck of Berlin, the sound system for the relatively intimate (13 metre x 4.4 metre) Panorama Bar features a pair of JM-1P loudspeakers in each corner of the dancefloor. Visceral bass saturates the space from two hidden stacks of three-each 600-HP subwoofers, while an L-C-R system with three UPA-2P loudspeakers and a 500-HP subwoofer provides DJ monitoring.  

Both systems are optimised and driven by a Galileo loudspeaker management system with a Galileo 616 processor.

“We had been asked to update the Panorama Bar’s sound system as part of a partial redesign and technical upgrade of the room,” recalls Werner Eicker, Managing Director of Schalldruck.

“We immediately suggested a Meyer Sound system based on JM-1Ps, and their performance quickly convinced the club’s management. The JM-1Ps can produce extremely high SPL with very low distortion, and they focus all the energy on the dancefloor.”

Eicker also credits Galileo with a share of the club’s success. “Galileo allowed us to provide different setups, which can then be selected to work with the DJ’s personal equipment and the desired SPL.”

Launched six years ago as the successor to the famed Ostgut Club, Berghain is located inside a former electric power plant. In the article accompanying Berghain’s number one ranking, DJ Mag quotes a well-known club reviewer, Matt Edwards (aka Radio Slave) as stating: “It is the real deal, run by incredibly dedicated people who love music and understand what makes a club work. It really is a place where you get lost in time and space.”





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