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In Profile: Trinidad

July / August 2008

Trinidad and Tobago have acted as two parts of the same country since way back in 1889 and though they coexist with only the mildest sibling rivalry, the two have very different economic characters.

Whilst little sister Tobago may have the crystal clear waters and paradise resorts, Trinidad is fixed in the real world of petrochemicals and steel. Here they work hard and play hard – or perhaps ‘relax hard’ would be a more choice phrase; islanders seem to have made an art-form of kicking back with friends, so much so they have their own word for it: lime. It’s little surprise then that all the country’s serious nightlife happens here on Trinidad.

No matter what time of day, there’s always somewhere to lime. For many, the first stop after a hard shift is one of the ubiquitous Rum Shops that can be found on every other street corner. Often nothing more than a residential garage with a makeshift bar and ramshackle collection of tables and chairs, Rum Shops are really just a hangout for mates. The simplest way of meeting up for a glass of rum or a bottle of Stag (‘A Man’s Beer’ the billboards proclaim with apparent lack of irony).

At the other end of the spectrum, a handful of clubs on the island have put a great deal of work into giving guest the best possible night out – including the best sound and lighting technology around. mondo*dr travels to the home of Soca and Calypso to experience the beat of island life first hand...





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