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Pont Aeri

July / August 2008


Over its 15 year history, the Pont Aeri Discoteque has provided a bolt-hole for Spanish clubbers in search of a less mainstream soundtrack to their night.

 A host of house DJs have helped contribute to the club’s distinctive sound and made it an institution for Spanish fans of Hardcore and Techno.

A recent redesign has seen the Pont Aeri receive a technological overhaul, including the introduction of a comprehensive Master Audio sound system.  

Club owner and Director, Ramón Escudero, knew the redesign was a great opportunity to take the music quality up a notch. “Today Pont Aeri is an important reference for Hardcore, Trance, Makina and Techno Dance music,” he says. “We wanted audio equipment capable of providing the required sound pressure combined with the highest possible sound quality.
“The prestige of Master Audio in the world of professional sound, meant we were able to find a system which fulfils the various demands of the club, with the high SPL and outstanding sound quality necessary for the best Techno Dance environment, from big arrays in live events to individual rigging in disco applications.”

Pont Aeri covers more than 2,500 square meters, with a main room, a VIP room (Sala 92) and bar. The 900 square metre main dance area features a massive line array system comprised of 16 MA210D7 loudspeaker units arranged in arrays of six cabinets on either side of the main stage. At the back of the main dance area are two additional units on each side of the room. The low frequencies are reinforced with no less than six MD218SW subwoofers, powered in the main area by six DPU3K6 processor amplifiers. The line arrays give a 120 degrees horizontal coverage completely filling the room, while the six dual 18” subs provide a tremendous punch - pure adrenaline for dancers.

“It was difficult to accept the change,” admits house DJ Skudero. Our ears were adapted to what we thought was the “sound Pont Aeri” - impossible to reproduce in another nightclub - but now we believe we have entered a new era of PA and, as in the previous, we will excel even further.”

DJ Metralla agrees: “I get a better perception of the details in my own mix thanks to the exceptional coverage of the Front-PA. I can also clearly see that people feel even more engaged.”

The VIP ‘Privee’ room (Sala 92), designed for more intimate events and private parties, is powered by an MD system. Four MD12ND2s cover the mid and high frequencies and two MD218SW subwoofers (with 2 x DPU3K6).

“The large variety of loudspeakers across Master Audio’s product families has enabled the designer to create the most optimum system for each space within Pont Aeri, given the acoustics and the programming demands,” says Chief Acoustical Engineer Natalia Milan, who is responsible of Installed Sound Market Development, Master Audio Electroacoustics Division.





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