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Crazy Daisy

July / August 2008

Viborg & Skive

With more than twenty of them scattered across Denmark, the Crazy Daisy clubs are a popular destination for local and visiting clubbers to spend their weekends.

 All the Crazy Daisies are part of the NOX Network chain, which includes 55 nightclubs across the country. However, each Crazy Daisy club functions as an independent discotheque and each venue is customized to fit the personality of the city it calls home.

Two clubs from the Crazy Daisy chain, Viborg and Skive have been singled out and have recently been injected with the latest lighting equipment from Marin Professional. Owner of Crazy Daisy Viborg, Henrik Karlsen, who has been in the nightclubbing business for 16 years, has worked with Martin a number of times. He says he chose to work with them again for “one reason - quality and the best brand.” He also comments, “In my world loyalty is very important.” Kalrsen is also the owner of a design company called Complete Design, which allowed him to have a hands on role in the lighting design. With his design experience and solid relationship with Martin Professional, the refit of the clubs we set in good sted.
Crazy Daisy in Viborg, which opened in April 1992, is the larger of the two clubs and welcomes up to 2,000 guests each weekend, often for special events like costume or themed parties. Multiple bars and dance floors are spread across two levels and are divided into sections named McQuire, Beach, and Nightlife.

The Nightlife upgrade includes smartMAC moving heads mounted in each corner of the dance floor with a further four smartMACs arranged as an eye catching centrepiece. With an aim in mind, to minimize maintenance and avoid service calls, Karlsen chose the smartMAC for its power and compact size. He was also confident that the stylish and easy to handle fixture would fit comfortably and discreetly into the club’s interior.

The smartMAC is a bright 150 W moving head profile luminaire that offers club owners a number of benefits: superior reliability, long service intervals, total silence and reduced power bills thanks to a unique fanless cooling system that avoids forcing dust and pollutants into the fixture. As clubs become more quality focused and expectations rise, club owners like Karlsen are putting special emphasis on reliable gear like the smartMAC.

Also part of the dance floor upgrade are new Mania EFX600 effect lights, which along with the smartMACs and other Martin lighting, are brought to life by a Jem Hydra fog system. The Hydra, a multi-headed fog generator, provides several effect points around the main dance floor through multiple DMX-controlled output heads - in this instance six - all serviced by a centralized base. The individually controlled fog heads are located remotely from the base unit and fire a range of outputs - gentle haze, dense fog, fog chases - exactly where needed. The easy access base unit makes for easy refilling and the base also monitors each head for safety issues.

The smartMACs, Manias and Hydra system were all installed earlier this year and join existing Martin gear on the main dance floor: eight MAC 250 Kryptons, four MAC 250 Washes, five Mania EFX600 effect lights, six MX-10 scanners, and a Jem ZR33 Hi-Mass smoke machine.

Club owner Karlsen also recognises the importance of enhancing other areas of a club, as well as the dance floor, such as seating, bar and other social spaces. At Crazy Daisy Viborg, Martin have mounted Alien 05 colour changers to create decorative washes and mood setting in the ceiling above a spacious seating area and also above the main bar to produce an additional colour treatment. Cyclo Series T5 fluorescent luminaries add to the mood by washing patterned walls in varying colours and provide a simple dynamic lighting solution with smooth colour transitions and a nearly endless variety of colours. The Cyclo’s have been mounted in and around the ceiling coves.

Outside, announcing the club at night in a lively wash of colour, are four IP65 rated Exterior 200 CMY colour changers whose asymmetrical flood beam paints the building’s columned façade in uniform shades.

Karlsen said of the install, “We did the makeover in February but the planning started four months before that, the preparations are the most importing thing, when you carry out such an extreme make over as I did!”

In line with the lighting make over the audio systems were also upgraded as part of the transformation of the club. At Viborg it was Prime Production who installed an entirely new sound package from Turbosound which includes 18 amplifier channels, four processors, and 12 professional PA speaker. In addition, Pioneer 50” plasma screens and a complete Pioneer desk were also installed.  Productions Director Peter Petersen from Prime said the install ran smoothly and that both Prime and Karlsen were very pleased with outcome. Petersen described Crazy Daisy Viborg as having “the best and most powerful sound system in any Danish nightclub.”

Of the completed make over as a whole, owner Karlsen said, “My best project so far. I would say, Viborg is one of the coolest nightclubs in the world and I’ve seen a lot.”

Crazy Daisy Skive is owned by Mark Pedersen, the venue is smaller in size compared to Viborg but still offers a little something for everyone with its two dance floors and multiple bars in different themes. Although it’s located on a busy street, the building was rather inconspicuous after sundown. A colour changing lighting scheme was thus proposed for the building’s façade, designed to attract attention and bring out its vintage architecture at night.

Seven Exterior 200 LED fixtures with wide-angle lenses illuminate the façade on the building’s front. These were installed in February as one of the first Exterior 200 LED installations anywhere. The Exterior 200 LED is a long-life programmable luminaire with full RGB Amber and White colour mixing and is also fully weatherproofed.
Inside, on the main dance area upstairs are four smartMACs,





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