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The C View Nightclub Powered by RCF

The new Stena Vision ferry is one of the largest carriers in Europe and also one of the largest in the world. It is 175 metres long, 30 metres wide, 43 metres above sea level, contains 527 cabins, a spa and conference centre, as well as lots of restaurants, bars, nightclubs and retail spaces.

Leisure and entertainment are at the heart of Stena Vision's operation. The practicalitiy of travel is fused with relaxing environments and fun. Helping ensure that the fun and dancing goes on until the early morning is an RCF sound system in the C View Nightclub.

The system has been supplied by Polish RCF distributor, Arcade Audio.

“To get the possibility to be part of an installation on one of the biggest ferries in the world was a nice challenge. You need a system that is flexible and at the same time, demands the sound to be focused on the dancefloor. The RCF system was chosen between several systems, and is a perfect solution. Now the big waves are made on the dancefloor”, says Renata Klimek, President of Arcade Audio.

The C View Nightclub installation comprises four RCF NX M12-A with four 4PRO 8003-AS, two RCF Art 715A and to cover the DJ booth, three RCF Art 310A.

Stena Vision ferry operates between Karlskrona (Sweden) – Gdynia (Poland).





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