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Electro-Voice Star in the Skiing World Championships

The Holmenkollen neighbourhood of Oslo, an area with a rich sporting tradition, played host to the World Nordic Skiing Championships from February 24 to March 6 2011. According to the event organisers, International Ski Federation (FIS), around 300,000 fans attended the various competitions, with millions more following the event on television.

With more than 650 athletes from over 60 different countries competing, and around 2,000 representatives of the media in Norway to cover the event, this was one of the largest sporting events on the country has seen. With medals disputed by both men and women in over 20 disciplines, in the categories like Ski Jumping, Cross-Country and Nordic Combined, and a lavish fringe programme of cultural events in and around the newly designed National Arena in Holmenkollen, as well as in downtown Oslo, visitors were entertained around the clock.

To enhance their appreciation of the competitions as they unfolded, Scandec Systemer AS was commissioned to install new sound reinforcement systems at the foot of both the large Holmenkollbakken ski-jump and its smaller companion, the Midtstubakken, as well as the Langrennsarenaen, from which the skiing events were observed.

In the planning of the sound design the company, based in nearby Kolbotn, worked closely with Norwegian television broadcaster NRK to ensure not only that the new system represented a convincing sound reinforcement solution for speech, jingles and music, but also that the loudspeakers did not obstruct lines of sight for the cameras.

In all, some 250 loudspeakers were distributed between the three competition venues. Among them were 56 Electro-Voice ZX1i composite indoor / outdoor 2-way and weatherproof representatives of the EVF range in the shape of 51 Electro-Voice Electro-Voice EVF-PIB and the same number of Electro-Voice EVF-1121S-PIB cabinets, each equipped with a 12-inch woofer.

The criteria determining the choice of speakers were their frequency response, sound pressure levels, coverage patterns and robustness. The extraordinary imperviousness to adverse weather conditions of the Electro-Voice models selected, proved to be one of their trump cards.

Electro-Voice power amplifiers with a total output of 120kW RMS were enlisted to drive the speakers, the task falling to 34 CPS 8.5 amps. The entire system was controlled by 12 digital signal processors. A fully digital and redundant solution was also found for the signal transmission via Ethernet using the CobraNet protocol.

The installed loudspeakers can be turned on and off individually using touch screens, so the system can be adapted, now that the world championships are over, to future events.

Equipment list (extract)
56 x EV ZX1i
51 x EV EVF-PIB with various horn patterns
51 x EV EVF-1121S-PIB (1 x 12’’ driver)
34 x EV CPS 8.5 power amplifiers





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