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Yamaha System Delivers Maximum Flexibility to KKthun

Taking two years to complete, a major upgrade to Thun’s cultural and congress centre has provided the Swiss town with a truly 21st century venue. The project included a complete technical refit, with Yamaha equipment taking a central role.

Costing 24 million Swiss Francs, the project saw the existing Kultur und Kongresszentrum Thun (or KKThun) building extensively refurbished and extended.

The existing 740-capacity Schadausaal was completely revamped, including the addition of a moveable wall (which can divide it into two separate spaces) and greatly improved acoustics. It has been joined by a second performance hall, the 500-capacity Lachensaal, a 530 sq metre foyer (including bar and food facilities) and an 80 space basement car park.

The technical upgrade was carried out by Swiss AV specialists Kilchenmann AG and Szeno Engineering and includes a DME64N digital mixing engine, an M7CL48-ES digital mixing console, an LS9-16 digital mixing console, two SB168-ES stage boxes and an MLA8 mic/line amp.

“It is very a flexible system,” said Kilchenmann Technical Project Manager Rolf Aegerter. “The M7CL and LS9 can be used in either the Schadausaal or in the Lachensaal, while the stage boxes are also used in either room with either or both consoles. We have installed an Ethersound network in both halls, which means that it is very easy to use the equipment in different positions, depending on the event.”

Meanwhile the DME64N is controlled by AMX touch panels and provides a highly intuitive and flexible control system for both the Schadausaal and Lachensaal, whether the latter is in use as one or two spaces.

“With the DME we have two different user levels,” said Rolf. “In ‘easy mode’, the mixing desk and stage boxes are not used, with the DME line and microphone inputs (via the MLA8) and four wireless mic channels taking care of all the audio requirements. This allows non-technical venue staff to set the system up for events, without the need for a professional audio engineer to be present.

“However for more complex events, ‘mixing desk mode’ is selected which configures the system for the M7CL, LS9 or both to be used.”

The venue’s technicians are already programming different scenes on the M7CL and LS9 for the wide range of different events that KKThun hosts and have had nothing but praise for the system.

“I looked at a lot of other products and systems before making a choice, but was particularly impressed with the flexibility of the DME64 and SB168-ES,” said Rolf. “With the Yamaha package we definitely achieved the best price / performance ratio.“





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