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QSC Luxury at Home in Arcadia

The stylish Opera Café has opened in Odessa’s elite hotel, Arcadia Plaza, complete with a QSC sound system.

Installed by the engineering department of Real Music, QSC’s Ukrainian distributors, the venue takes its name from the world-renowned Odessa Opera and Ballet Theatre. The Café itself is located right in Odessa’s late night tourist mecca.

Operated by a local entrepreneur, the former private members club and restaurant within the hotel has been completely restored and repositioned as an elite karaoke restaurant. The venue is divided into four zones - the main karaoke hall, two VIP rooms and a dancefloor.

Real Music submitted the best technical solution, fulfilling the clients’ request for a QSC sound system - which was preferred to other brands they had experienced.

Real Music set about the design, installing four QSC lightweight, portable active K8 8in full range speakers and a dual 12in KSub in the VIP 1 suite. Meanwhile, out in the Café’s main hall ten of QSC’s HPRi22i 12in multipurpose active loudspeakers have been specified, along with four HPR181i 18in subwoofers. These were specified to meet the technical requirements of the facility.
Meanwhile, a pre-existing sound reinforcement system, which survived the renovation, is now powered by a new QSC RMX 850 amplifier.

Real Music’s Pro Audio dept brand manager, Vladimir Golovan, said that the design manages to combine aesthetics with their own architectural acoustic requirements, which has resulted in the QSC system being fully optimised.

“The customer is 100% satisfied with the new system,” he confirmed. “Today, there is no comparable club in Ukraine, and it is full all year round - despite the seasonal appeal of the city. There have already been many cases of charter flights from Kiev, Moscow and other cities to visit the Opera Café.”

In fact it enjoys a near perfect location, since the magnificent four-star luxury hotel complex is conveniently situated in Arcadia - the most picturesque area of Odessa, and close to the sandy beaches of the Black Sea.





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