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EAW in Action Near the Arctic Circle

Situated in the In far Siberian city of Yakutsk, located just 450 kilometres south of the Arctic Circle, a new entertainment complex known as Europe opened this spring.

The complex is set over five floors and the technical infrastructure was designed and installed by MS-Max - drawing heavily on components from the EAW catalogue.

Above the ground floor pub and sports bar, are an Italian restaurant, a billiards room and café; the Striptease nightclub spans floors three and four (along with a Karaoke bar) - and up on the top floor are bowling lanes.

MS-Max supplied a punchy EAW dance system in the form of the purpose designed Avalon Series. This consists of a pair of DC1 (3-way, 4 x 15in LF) enclosures, complemented by ten ultra-compact rectangular UB82, eight BH760 bent horn subwoofers, four LA212 monitor speakers, four FR129z 12in LF and four SM129z compact single 12in speakers.

EAW’s CAZ Series amplifiers and UX8800 and DX1208 rackmount digital processors are prominent among the control devices.

Elsewhere in the complex MS-Max have provided ten EAW NTL720 ultra compact, self-powered, 3-way line array elements, a pair of SB1000 subs and 24 SMS4 rear speakers. Reference monitoring is in the form of four SM129z and two SM159z compact floor wedges, while EAW CAZ Series amps and UX8800 and DX1208 rackmount DSP’s again help to optimise the system.

In Striptease, a pair of EAW FR129z 12in LF provides the main playback, along with three MicroSubs, eight JF60z and six JF80z, with CAZ Series amplification and DX1208 digital control.

Sound reinforcement in the Karaoke room is in the form of a pair each of self-powered NT29 offering 90-degree horizontal dispersion and 12-inch woofer, and matched NTS22 sub - with a FR129z providing further infill - all powered by EAW CAZ series amplifiers.

Elsewhere further EAW FR129z, FR250z, CIS300, CIS400, CIS65, SMS4 and CAZ  Series amplification are featured heavily among the armoury of audio devices that serve the Bowling, Sports Bars, Billiards and other areas such as the Brewery and other premises.

For with a hotel also under construction as part of the development, a new power station has had to be brought in to run all the operations.





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