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The PA People Install JBL Into Metricon Stadium

As a part of the AFL's expansion into the Gold Coast, the new $144m Metricon Stadium has opened at Carrarra. Metricon Stadium is operated by the Gold Coast SUNS, was designed by Populous, built by Watpac and the audio installation was carried out by The PA People.

The stadium is a multipurpose facility that currently seats 25,000 spectators and will be capable of being extended to 40,000 seats in the future. Metricon Stadium features an AFL oval that will also be capable of holding ICC cricket matches, concerts, festivals, IAAF athletics events and FIFA World Cup soccer matches.

The PA People opted for a successful formula that they have used in other stadiums designed around a variety of JBL speakers. The Stadium has grandstands around three-quarters of its perimeter with an open Northern end where the scoreboard is situated.

“We have twenty clusters to deal with the grandstand seated areas,” explained Brett Steele, Installed Systems Manager for The PA People.

“Each cluster comprises of three JBL AE series boxes with WRC weatherproofing. The AE range gives us plenty of options in both SPL capability and pattern so we can design a cluster of cabinets based on the architecture of the particular stadium, and the weatherproofing options available are essential in these applications.

"AE Series, high powered two-way and three-way cluster configurations with WRC and WRX weatherisation treatment.”

One hundred JBL Control 29AV boxes are deployed for underfill around the lower part of the ground whilst a further forty JBL Control 29AV speakers are servicing the concourse area in the east and southern areas. Twelve JBL CBT 100j and eighteen JBL CBT 50j speakers supply audio to the areas outside of the ground.

For the end zone where there is nowhere to hang clusters there are two JBL PD5212 WRX speakers with extreme weather protection.

A total of seventy-eight JBL Control 24CTM and thirty-eight JBL Control 25T speakers are used as part of the fire evacuation system. The Front of House audio system is all driven by twenty-four Crown MA5000i amplifiers.

“For portable applications, we have a Soundcraft LX7ii console and a couple of JBL EON10G boxes for foldback,” added Brett. “We also have three Shure PSM900 IEM systems and five Shure ULXP radio mic systems.”

“The audio system has been performing very nicely and there have been lots of good comments about it. The AFL has commented on how well it sounds which is a very good thing.”





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