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PSCo Install UK’s Largest Indoor Video Wall at MOSI

NEC Display Solutions, Kin Design, Pure AV, 24 Design and video wall experts PSCo have completed the installation of an incredible 50 screen video wall at MOSI (Museum of Science & Industry, Manchester), which is the centrepiece of the iconic museum’s brand new Revolution Manchester gallery.

The partners worked closely with MOSI to produce Kin Design’s concept for this project, with the aim of creating a visually arresting and inspirational space that represented significant innovations in Manchester’s history that changed the world of science and industry.

“We wanted to engage the visitor from the moment they arrive and the video wall acts as the perfect centrepiece for this. The NEC Ultra Narrow bezel LCD Display (MultiSync X462UN) was much better suited to this project than the initial LED concept, producing a higher resolution picture and greater design flexibility to suit the interior”, explained Kin Design’s Kevin Palmer.

The video wall itself is made up of two 4x4 clusters connected by a smaller 3 x 3 which serves as an archway for visitors to pass into the museum. These then taper into a sweeping artistic canvas which houses 9 irregularly placed screens to enhance the graphic panels. This curve ends in a spectacular chandelier made of 24 small flat panel displays. The formation of the screens, in a 16x9 ratio, enables the two larger sections of the video wall to be used for standard Power Point presentations, as well as more creative content across the full display.

Kevin continued: “PSCo arranged a side-by-side demonstration of a number of video wall technologies during the specification stage, which allowed MOSI and ourselves the opportunity to make an invaluable and truly informed decision as to which product would be best for the space, the content and the overall concept.”

Using the bespoke MLCD sliding bracket system from PSCo, 24 Design were able to design the configuration of the complex video wall whilst simultaneously ensuring that each panel was able to be removed individually for maintenance and servicing.

Pure AV took Kin Design’s creative vision for the digital chandelier and turned it into reality, as Project Manager Andy Trusswell explained: “This was a complex installation, in which we had to mount 24 LCD screens on to an eight metre high sculpture, incorporating 196 light-changing LED tubes within this design.

"We had to put together a system that linked all of these components and could then be controlled from a central point. As well as the installation itself, we needed to ensure power and wiring requirements were calculated accurately, and we also managed the interface between the chandelier, Kin’s design software and the NEC video wall, building the digital backbone that ensures these systems work well together.”

To truly capture the visitor’s imagination and make them feel part of the exhibition itself, their photograph is taken during registration and displayed on the digital sculpture and the video wall. The visitor is also given a personal digital scrapbook code, which allows the post-visit download of photographs, scores from the interactive games throughout the exhibition and video content displayed in the gallery.

Director of MOSI, Tony Hill explained: “This video wall really injects a unique ‘wow’ into MOSI and promises to engage the visitor as soon as they step into the gallery by making them part of the exhibition itself. We have worked with celebrated creative designers to produce a truly innovative space for the 21st century and it would not have been possible without the technical, engineering and installation excellence of PSCo. This showpiece acts as a fabulous introduction to help the visitor understand how Manchester changed the world.”

Liam Norris, PSCo’s Project Manager for this installation, commented: “At PSCo we have the in-house expertise to install and support video walls of this size and scale, which are technically challenging and demand a high level of product knowledge. We also have very strong relationships with our vendors, and so were able to work closely with NEC to ensure all aspects of the build process went to plan.”





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